6 green vegetables for diabetic patients.

It is very important for a diabetic patient to eat good in order to control and manage their blood sugar. Here are six vegetables which can be a good options for a diabetic patient.

 The Glycemic index of carrots is 16 making it a good option for diabetic people.

Okra helps in the management of diabetes because of its high fiber content making it a good choice for diabetes.

Consuming cucumber makes you hydrated and can make your stomach satisfied for a longer time because of its water content.

Sulforaphane is a compound present in broccoli that helps to reduce the production of hepatic glucose in our body. This leads to reduced blood glucose levels, making it a good choice for diabetic people.

Spinach can help to absorb and manage blood sugar in your body more efficiently because of its magnesium content making this vegetable one of the best choices for diabetic patients.

Potassium is a mineral required for treating diabetes which is present in Asparagus. Along with that, Asparagus is also rich in iron and copper making it a good choice for diabetes.

The content shown gives only generic information and is not a substitute for a qualified medical opinion.


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